Designing great nights for over 60 years

At NAM, comfortable nights is part of the family history. Since its creation in 1958, the Abou Khalil family has improved the nights of thousands of families and businesses.

1958 – 1990
our humble beginnings

For its first 32 years of activity, NAM made mattresses the traditional way, weaving sheep wool in cotton casing. We provided home service and took a special place in the community for over three decades.

1990 – today
the expansion

In 1990 Georges Abou Khalil decided to expand so he gathered his 30 years of experience sleep-crafting and started manufacturing mattresses in Sin El Fil. Since then, the Abou Khalil family have built their own manufacturing facility which uses premium quality materials to make Lebanon’s finest sleep attire. Today, NAM is synonymous with a great sleeping experience everywhere in Lebanon, from happy homes to hotels and hospitals.


Made in Lebanon and coming from decades of know-how.


We work hard to fulfill our customer’s need to experience or provide a great night of sleep.


We help our customers to find the right choice for their sleeping needs.


We stand by our community in good times and bad.