Our materials, the secret to your comfort

We only produce and work with the best materials available to make sure that everyone who goes home with a NAM product always comes back satisfied.

Biolatex, the absolute dream

Durable, sustainable, natural, organic, hypoallergenic, ergonomic


Our Biolatex is pure, organic, high-quality latex grown and harvested all over the world, then brought to Lebanon and made into mattresses and pillows in our factory in Sin El Fil.


It a sustainable material, a guaranteed hypoallergenic that delivers a level of comfort you haven’t experienced elsewhere.


Biolatex is a breathing material that brings a new level of ergonomy and comfort by adapting to your body. We have the mattresses and pillows to transform your nights and bring that exceptional sleeping experience right to your home.

Memory foam

Memory foam is a choice of excellence for luxurious nights


Feel the mattresses take your shape as soon as you get on it. Oh and that “memory” part? it’s because it remembers.

High quality

Memory foam is built to last thanks to its flexibility and resilience.


Naturally following the curves of your body, memory foam will remember how you sleep and adapt to your body.

Long lasting

Memory foam is durable and resistant, which will ensure that your mattresses and pillows stay with you for a very long time.


Firm and adapted to all kinds of sleeping needs, foam will be your best friend whether you’re recovering from back pain or just looking for improved comfort


Foam is a firm material that provides extra support for your back and neck. We use it alone or in combination with other materials to reach different levels of fermness.


Preferred by hospitals and caring facilities, foam is a durable material that helps recovery and promotes a healthy night and helps recovery


Foam is everywhere, from your couch to your bed and that’s because it’s so comfortable, lasting, and versatile.

Pocketed springs

Pocketed springs are a staple of mattress making that provides high quality comfort and independence.

Independent springs

Pocketed spring mattresses uses a “sleeve” to encase each spring, making them independent from one another.


Pocketed springs are an affordable yet high-quality choice that will deliver on our promise of comfort nurturing sleep

For double beds

You can move around in your bed without affecting your partner, the motion will be isolated by the spring on which you lie so you can move around without affecting your partner, making them perfect for double beds.


As classic mattress material, we all know and love the spring mattress.


Spring mattresses are bouncy and provide with mellow comfort. We also combine them with different materials to reach different levels of firmness.


Springs are of one the staples of mattress materials, making them affordable to everyone.


Creating airspace under you, spring mattresses let you breathe and keep cool during the night

Natural felt

Felt is the dense sheep wool used in traditional mattress, pillow, and comforters. It’s been used by NAM since 1958 and is still among our staples.


Made from pure natural sheep’s wool it is environmentally friendly and recyclable after the mattress or pillow is discarded.


Felt makes for very firm mattresses and pillows which for certain people means total comfort.


We use high-quality, temperature regulating wool that is completely hypoallergenic.

Feathers and down

Our feather and down pillows are light andcan stay in your bed all year long as they help keep warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer.

« Poofy »

Nothing beats the sensation of putting your head down on a pillow and feel it go “”poof””

Temperature control

Down and feather naturally retain your heat when it’s cold and stay cooler than room temperature in the summer

Long lasting

Such traditional materials combined with modern technology help us make down and feather stuff that lasts.

Organic cotton, cotton & fibers

All of our sheets and casings are made from organic cotton, cotton, and/or fibers. These ensure the comfort and durability of our products, enhancing your night of sleep.